Thursday, November 20, 2014

Drawing and Painting at Lal Bagh Botanical Garden, Art Outing

Imagine going to a nice garden early in the morning, pull out your painting pencils and brushes and colors and canvas, and start painting a morning scenery that you see in front of your eyes. Amazing right?

Lal Bagh Sunny Early Morning. Pic Credit: Ashraf (All forth unless mentioned)

We at Dreamworks Bangalore Art Club organized a visit to LalBagh with painting supplies to capture the scenic greenery and natural beauty of the botanical garden.

 Well first I came to know it is happening at 6AM in the morning and we all know how much fun it is to wake up early on a Saturday morning. We reached LalBagh around 7AM and immediately started looking for comfortable spots and compositions to paint a scenery.


LalBagh at 7AM is actually quite a crowded place, well not in a bad way at all. People are walking, running, cycling. Made me felt if I could live close by.

LalBagh is known for it's botanical garden and it's plants nurseries but that's only a small portion of it. Other than it being a beautiful garden covered with greenery, over to the other end of LalBagh is a big lake and is full with variety of species of birds, fishes and reptiles. It is actually surprising that in between a busy city location, LalBagh is able to give a beautiful, clean and a natural home to these folks.

Most of us opened up our arsenal of brushes and colors, but some decided to use the camera as their canvas tempted by the natural beauty. Not to mention the sharp sun was playing peek-a-boo with us using the clouds and gave us variety of lighting conditions. Well for me, I decided to go around and talk to our professional Dreamworks artists and understand their approach.



Artists talking about their techniques sounds a bit like a fighter pilot talking about how easy the operation of a cockpit is. From what I understood, it seemed they like to fill the flat colors of the individual objects first, then paint the big strokes of lighting, and finally use a thin brush to surround the big strokes with details. Now that we know the secret, I guess we all can be artists? I wish it was that easy.




Some more of the few pics that Ashraf took. He had to run after some of these birds to get a good capture. Head over to his album here.

After wrapping up around noon, we had a nice breakfast arranged by our facilities team, talking to each other about their experiences while painting, and various locations with their uniqueness. The various paintings created by the artists are displayed at the 6th floor cafeteria of our studio in all of their glory.

We want to thank the organizing team: Sneha, Adi, Anandan and Gilbert, and the (really patient) support staff Naresh. And the artists who made the magic roll.

Artists Collage. Pic by Sneha
The Painters. Pic by Dhiman Das

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Time Pass Artwork #3

Some more of my time pass artwork collected over quite a long time

Neelkamal chair
It's a sketch of a painting, lol
deadmau5 found some cheese

Asian girl from a magazine page
You got yourself and a gun, you gotta do what you gotta do
European girl, well may be, I don't know
Good martini comes in a bottom and the cherry forms in a bit
Guess which show was this? :D
"And it matters, even if it's against the facts, even if it hurts others"
Dr Strange Love and How I Started Loving the Bombs
Just stuff on table
DDU completes 5 years, yay!

For Rock!

Following are made on my awesome Note2

Scenery (all forth on Sketchbook mobile, unless mentioned)
Lighting is difficult
Well this is on a friend's Windows tablet using Fresh Paint. Good software
Nuke! Using stickdraw
Must... draw... women...
Just things in my head (using SNote)
This I drew sitting on upper berth in a train
He is saying "Nooice" while flying

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Why you must see Gravity

As the year was starting, all you sci-fi fans must have seen trailers one after the other featuring aliens, crafts, suits and basically shit happening in space. Check out the following play-list which features the popular 2013 sci-fi movie trailers which blew our mind (until we saw them that is).

No no, hey, some of these are really good. I enjoyed World War Z, Star Trek into Darkness and a few others a lot. But one shined brightest, and that movie is Gravity.

Image Courtesy: Warner Brothers

Gravity was good because of its sincerity to story telling. In interest of not spoiling the movie for you, I can only say that it is a focused movie and it sticks to its plan.

Image Courtesy (all forth): fxguide

The movie stresses on the harsh conditions of space which make Earth's harsh places look happy happy land full of ponies and rainbows. Earth is our home, the one and only truthful home, there's no denying (at-least for now).

Gravity, the perfect name chosen for the movie, consistently gives a good lessen of the Newton's 3 laws of motion:
  1. An object either is at rest or moves at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by an external force.
  2. The acceleration of a body is directly proportional to, and in the same direction as, the net force acting on the body, and inversely proportional to its mass.
  3. When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to that of the first body.
Taken from Wikipedia

This means, in the absence of a land under you, once an object is flicked in a direction, it will keep on going there until it hits another object or some external force is applied on it. And given how far apart things are in space, you can more or less say that that object will keep on going on it's path "forever" in our measly human terms. And if that is a human being?

Gravity uses this formula the best. It keeps you on the edge of the seat by this simplest fear of physics' one of the most important laws: "If I lose hold of anything, means I am gonna continue on my path to nowhere, completely alone, until I am dead". Thank fully on Earth, we have a consistent non-stop force gravity acting on us which is keeping us here, and basically shaping our life.

Sandra bullocks acting is awesome, something which is not even worth mentioning, because that's who she is: A very good actress.

George clooneys acting is awesome too. His role and the character is super and his jokes will act as coolers for your rest of the thrilling experience of the movie.

This movie is best seen in 3D, I generally love 3D and I am not the regular everyday human being who goes around saying "3D sux". I am sorta used to it, but this is one of the rare movies in which my eyes were flickering by reflexes when things were coming on my face. This means, you have to go to cinema and PAY FOR IT TO WATCH IT? OH MY GOD! REALLY? IT'S THAT GOOD?

I want to talk about some things which are worth mentioning, but they are spoilers, so please avoid reading this paragraph if you haven't watched the movie yet. Stop reading here and go to the next paragraph after the image right now. Stop reading. Now. Not kidding. Stop. Are they gone? Good. The movie is from a singleton perspective of only two Hollywood actors, both brilliant (Sandra and George). This means no ground control crap and clichéd melodrama, "Oh, our astronauts are up there, we don't leave anyone behind", "Mr. President, now is the time to make a decision", "The jet engine fuel is running out, our astronauts are stranded, don't you have a heart Sergeant?!" etc. ... all this, is not there! They even made fun of the most clichéd dialog of Hollywood movies, "I have a bad feeling about this". This is not a movie that will try to make you cry by putting a helpless subject in a hopeless and tight situation (it might as well actually), instead ...

This movie will leave you in awe.

You love science? You will love how well they have portrayed the newtons laws of motion, and the general beyond earthly extreme conditions of space.

You are a visual effects person? Get impressed by reading this. (Also, all images on this post are borrowed from this page)

You don't love science? You will still... wait what? You don't love science? Weird. Anyway, you will still love it, in fact my suggestion is to keep all the science stuff aside and just go with what the movie is showing.

You are a conscious human being who is self aware? GO WATCH IT!