Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ouya, our savior from the cliched console gaming

All you gamers out there who have pretty much stopped playing games because of the plethora of cliched titles that you have been playing, a new hope has just jumped out of nowhere few days ago. I don't want to talk about it's details because the makers have said it in the right most form. Please read here, OUYA: A New Kind of Video Game Console. ... did you read it? Alright cool, let me tell you why this is important to be supported from us gamers.

Give me an honest answer. Aren't you bored of every single major game title that come out on the biggest consoles out there? One game after the other is about the same modern warfare shit. Same hack and slash games with just different characters and a yet another epic *cough bullshit cough* story. Take cover behind a waist height object and shoot. Even the joy of dodging and shooting has completely gone today.

Now the question I asked you above is gonna haunt you, because you will ask how will Ouya change this? You know what, Ouya may not at all. But what I want to say is Ouya will bring a change which us gamers are looking for since 2006, and it is that video games will once again be about gaming. Video games today are all about Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo, and not about awesome game developers and their franchises. The market also tries to do that to you. At E3, GDC etc., the console giants get the biggest stage to have their key note and in general have the biggest audience. In a way, they decide for you, who are the best game developers.

You may ask, how is that a bad thing? A good console maker will try to bring only the best games on their consoles. Which is absolutely right! But what is also right is that the console maker has the upper hand in deciding what is to be played on their system.

Look, as I made it clear, I am not talking about innovative gameplay here. I am not expecting to see Portal type innovative stuff every month on the Ouya. I will end up playing first person shooters only. But what will be awesome is that now the competition will be between game developers and not publishers.

Competition between developers make them try experimental, different or refreshing things if not innovative. Competition between publishers make them force developers to stick to the current formula. You know what I am talking about right? Bungie is fucking bored making Halo since ages, when they so wanna try something new. Wouldn't you be excited to see Bungie's take on a horror adventure game? They might make something kickass! I am not even a fan of Bungie by the way, but I am just trying to not get biased in any form myself. How about Team Ninja making a futurist space Ninja game? Serious Sam with 4 players co-op? How about someone making Mirror's Edge in the right way this time? Ooooh lets play Quake 5 with the joyful meaningless shooting of aliens by dodging bullets and not taking cover like a sissy? Forget about all this awesome happy stuff I just talked about if you wanna stick with how things are right now.

Ouya comes with it's share of problems is what PCWorld says, I have to give it to them, they have good points there. Please read here: Android-Powered Ouya Isn't Without Its Share of Problems. But I still want to defend Ouya because I think PCWorld is over thinking (or under thinking, I don't know man).

That's right, its Android. I got a bit "errr" myself when I read it first. For its maximum reach to all type of app developers, Android comes with its performance issues. I hope Ouya has a good mechanism of having ways for Native code support on their system for heavy video games. I don't know if its possible at first glance, but can I say its not impossible? After all Ouya's hardware in a typical case won't change, so why not some native code support for say, just Ouya-centric games?

Which brings me to their next point. It is correct that at launch, there will be a pile of games and garbage at the same time, made by random good or bad developers all around the world. But then that is where user rating system comes into picture for Ouya. Find reviews at the Ouya game store, ratings, comments, sales at one place. Also there will be many developer who would want to make games for Ouya only, or may be a version exclusive for Ouya. You cannot say no to that. The overwhelming support for Ouya, kind of says developers are ready to develop for gaming and not for Android's holiness.

And finally the strongest point, Piracy! I have really little to say. However every hardware gets hacked, that has never stopped people from buying games and enjoying being a part of the community. This is where it comes down to how Ouya wants to put it. If they can do something like, you cannot be part of the online Ouya community if you are running non-store downloaded or non-registered stuff. I would really like to share my comments and thoughts on games, or share my scores with my friends. Those who don't like to, can happily pirate and live under a rock.

Hey and I am sure we will get to see, in time, how the left half of the controller looks like, I believe I can promise you that.

Woah look at that, how much I have written. Woooh! Lets see what happens, only time will tell. I am supporting Ouya because I am fucking bored of what's going on right now.

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