Monday, October 21, 2013

Review and what I think about the Galaxy Note 3

So Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 came out and I was like, meh, now we will see hordes of people yapping about it continuously, poking me if I heard about it. Haah, I say, I am untouched by your materialistic mediocre desires man, I am a free soul. And what more can they do beyond Note 2 anyway? Note 2 has everything, everything done in the best possible way, so Note 3 must be just a small little increment over Note 2, that too probably unnoticeable. It is just a device for gadget freaks to drool on for a month or two and then forget about it. Hehe, conformists.

I skimmed over the specifications and I was like, yeah, just what I thought, incremental changes.

At first I was like, haah, 1080p screen, bravo. What next? IMAX screen on the phone? Pffft. Then it has 3GB of ram, yeah like that's something big. The processor is a quad core, quite fast, I even heard that 3 of the cores are sleeping in regular usage, one core itself is that fast. It has some good GPU too. Ok ok, it is quite a processing beast. I get it.

I could use that processing power to do more cooler everyday cloud based productive stuff which make life easier, like play Asphalt 8 in full blown graphics. I mean, I am sure on Note 2 it is full blown highest quality, but with 1080p and better frame-rate it must look even better. I know I agree with all of this. But really people should just understand where does all this ends? It is not about the processing power or ram and shit, it is about how best a device is suited for you, right? Of course I am right.

I was roaming around the mall like any other person on this planet, because roaming around in the mall is super hip, I noticed a Samsung's outlet, and I thought, hey I like my Note 2, what the hell, lets go check out its sibling Note 3, see what the fuzz is all about.

As I picked up the Note 3, I felt it much lighter than the note 2 in my pocket. This stinged me a bit, but I am a man of steel. I brought out my note 2 in one hand (on which I don't use a lame ass cover, coz that's how raw I am) and kept note 3 in other hand, switched hands to confirm, and Yup, Note 3 was much lighter. Well anyway, in India we consider lighter things to be cheaper, haah, you don't fool me Samsung.

Then as I was using it, I realized the screen size is physically bigger (of course with its 1080 pee resolution, pfft), yet the phone size was the same. But, but ...

Also Note3's screen was brighter than Note2's ...

I flipped it over and saw a nice matt finish which doesn't collect finger prints like the Note 2, meh. Then I saw it from the side, and it was slimmer as well than the Note 2! But... lol! that's for girls, I am a man, big and heavy phone is no problem for me.

Then I started using the stylus, and felt the stylus has an extra amount of friction which is good for drawing, something Note 2's stylus lacks. Before I thought I should storm out of the store because I was getting BORED, I thought of looking at the camera too.

It can do video, 1080p at 60fps. It can do 4K size video at 30fps. Note 2 cannot do the above things. Sigh.

It felt so good in my hand, the Note 3. Faster, smaller in my hand, lighter, crispier, brighter, damn! But my Note 2? I kept myself together thinking Note 3, for the hardware it packs, will never give the battery backup I get in Note 2. Haha, its all good, universe is not shattered yet.

While coming back home with my heart a bit broken, my friend messaged me on WhatsApp, that Note 3 (which he recently bought, that bozo) on regular usage including phone calls, texting, some 3G browsing and occasional snapping of pics is giving him 3 days of battery backup with some juice left. On such a usage, my Note 2 gives me 2 days of battery backup.

Ok, that's it. WHAT THE FUCK?? HUH?

That was the last nail! How can Samsung make something better than Note2? Every small and big, nitty and gritty things which were wrong or lesser with Note2 is taken care of in Note3. Who the hell you think you are Samsung? Huh? Make a device better than Note 2? Who does that? Don't you have a heart? When you make something as awesome as a Note 2, you take an oath to never make anything better than that! Look at you making a note 3 and putting it out there, I bet you don't even know how to do anything else, or even care about anything else. What about the ... the .. ozone hole, or the global warming... or the ... white tigers... or the the .. you know, what about those things? They don't matter right? Who cares! Oooh ooohh, lets make a Note 3 instead!

I am sure there is some kind of sorcery going on over here. I finally realized the design of Note 3 is not the processor or ram, or may be none of that exists inside it. It must be just a big ass battery and a mana catcher.

Yeah, a mana catcher. It pulls the magical energy of the universe, which we generally cannot access, into the phone, and does amazing stuff on the screen. How else is it possible? That much processing power, being light, with that battery backup? It doesn't add up. I warn you people, don't go into this serious Illuminati business.

And just look at the price, haha! 45000-ish rupees. As if everyone is Mukesh Ambani walking on the streets, going around in the town, buying a Note 3. Why would you do that? Make something so nice and put a price tag like that on it? It's not even about the money, its about principles. What about the children? And their's children? The atoms, and quarks, the universe, the peacock who wants to fly... You know what? I wrote a small poem, yeah I did, you wanna see? Yeah right here:
Samsung Galaxy Note three,
More like, I ain't buying please,
Coz you so expensive,
Please spare me.

My note 2 is still better.

* The friend I am calling a bozo, is not bozo at all, he is an awesome friend :)
* This post, all text and images are made on my Note 2


  1. Note 2 has FM radio which the Note 3 doesn't

    1. For real! Haaaaaah, I knew my note2 is still better :D

  2. Dude ! Fun review !

    Btw, since you love the Note 2 so much do you want to buy another one? I can sell you one for almost half the price of a Note 3. Imagine the power of 2 Note 2s. The Note 4 in your pocket(s) ! Beat Samsung at its own game ! Hah !! Ha ha !! Haaaaaa !

    1. Thanks man, hehehe, one note2 is enough for me. I in fact asked the outlet dude if there is some exchange offer with note2, he said your note2 is 18k now, rest you have to pay. I was like, ... bye

  3. That 4k video thing is only available on the lte ver of note 3 which wont be sood in india afaik

    1. Oh yeah, what's that deal of India getting a slower processor? Is it really that much difference that video recording is slower? Well that's not good.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you and welcome to my blog Brahmjot! :)

  5. Nice review! Glad that you didn't sell out and buy it. We are free souls man!
    Almost two years and still going strong with my S2.

    1. Hahaha, yeah I am gonna stick to my Note 2 for really long :)

  6. Thumbs up for the entertaining blog.

  7. Thumbs up for the entertaining blog.

  8. Shiben in his elements, this is sick :)

  9. Shiben, this could be a nice exercise for a dramatized reading for a drama evening ;) Loved it!

    1. Thank you Ashraf! That's a big complement!! :)
      We should totally try such fun stuff on the drama club.